Custom Mudroom Cabinets in Flower Mound TX

Keep Your Home Clutter Free with these Mud Room Ideas

Custom Mudroom Cabinets in Flower Mound TX

Custom Mudroom Cabinets

You may not realize it, but adding a mud room to your home can keep things inside the home neater and can make your daily life easier. It may be a relatively small space, however a mud room offers many functions if you utilize it properly. Here are six ideas that will help you do just that!

1. Hooks for Coats and Bags

Adding hooks to your mud room provides you with a great place for your family members and guests to hang their coats. In fact, many people make a closet with designated spots for each family member to hang their coats. Often times, especially with children, the closet never gets used, and coats end up draped over the kitchen chairs. If you hang hooks in the mud room, everyone can hang their coats easily before they even enter the home.

When the kids are finished with their homework and they pack their backpacks up for the next day, the bag often ends up on their bedroom floor, on the couch, or hanging from a kitchen chair. By hanging hooks specifically for backpacks, your child will always have a place for their bag which they can easily grab on their way out of the house in the morning. When hanging hooks for a child’s backpack, it is best to hang them at a level that the child can reach.

2. Designated Place for Your Keys

Lost keys are often a reason why people are late. You may have come home and cannot remember where you put your keys. By making a designated spot in your mud room for your keys, you will never need to go on the hunt for them again.

3. Racks for Shoes

The main reason that the floors in your home get dirty is from dirt from outside being tracked inside. Most people wipe their feet before they come in the house, but it is not always effective, especially if you are expecting children to do it. If you add shoe racks in the mud room, your family members can take their shoes off before they enter the home, leaving the dirt behind.

4. Add a Storage Bench

Placing a storage bench in your mud room will give your children a place to sit down when they put on their shoes (which they left in the mud room!), and also offers a hidden space for storage. You can stock it with water bottles, snacks, or anything that you want to stock up on to have readily at-hand when you are on the go.

5. Hang a Mirror

Hanging a mirror in your mud room gives you a chance to get a last look at yourself before you leave the house. Having a mirror will give you the chance to see if you have a milk moustache from breakfast, or food from your baby’s hands in your hair before going out in public.

6. Hang a Dry Erase Board

Hanging a dry erase board in your mud room is a great way to communicate with family members when you are not home, or to remind family members of things that they need to do. Leaving a note works, however, it is easy for your kids to say that they didn’t see it, or it can blow off the table on a windy day. You can make a dry erase board the first thing that your family sees, making sure that nobody ever forgets anything.

Adding a mud room to your home will make your daily life less hectic by keeping things neat, clean and organized! So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present!

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