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Kitchen Remodeling Transformation – Part III

Home and Kitchen Remodeling – It IS a Challenge!

SAMSUNGRecap Summary

During the last 2 installments of this Kitchen Remodeling article, the structural revisions to the home were completed, plumbing and electrical rough-ins were finished, the gypsum board (a.k.a. – Drywall) was installed and finished, ceiling and wall painting was done…and finally the cabinets were installed.

Oops! While we were in the middle of painting cabinets we received more bad news.

One of the original granite slabs the homeowner had picked out had a crack in it.


New granite slabs are selected by the customer, and are raced into fabrication so we can try to get back on track.

The new granite countertops get installed in a mere half-day…and they look awesome! Another step completed and the kitchen remodeling project is really taking shape.

Now it’s time for the backsplash to be installed.  The backsplash is a classic design and fairly simple and the installers knock it out in two days.

The plumber returns the next day and installed the kitchen faucet, and hooks up the drain line for the sink.  The electricians also make a return trip to install switches, plugs, and to install the can light trims.

Almost there!

Wood floor finishing is next, and we pick a weekend for the floor staining when the homeowners plan to be out of town.  We meet the homeowner early Thursday morning before they leave to have them approve the scrape and stain sample.

When they return, their floor is scraped, stained, and two coats of polyurethane have been applied.  This whole process takes another 3-4 days.

Image_Family Room and Kitchen RemodelingIt’s the Little Things that Make a Big Difference

On Monday, when the homeowner arrives back from their trip, we perform some of the final small items and touch up the paint in the house.

After a very thorough cleaning, we apply one last coat of polyurethane to the floors and make them shine!

Appliances are then installed, and we have a working kitchen!  The homeowners have never been so excited to cook again.  Take out gets kind of old, you know?

December 7th

After all the delays and shifting we are still on time! Life is good, and the great sense of what we have accomplished sets in.

This is what it’s all about. We took a space from the image above and with everyone’s work and cooperation, managed a difficult project to this completed product.

Smiling faces, and the finished Kitchen Remodeling Transformation of a person’s home. Click here to see all the photos of this project.

Although obstacles get in the way, the end result makes you forget…well maybe not really forget, but it’s definitely worth it.

The kitchen is now Improved. DFW Improved… and we can be proud of that!

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